Atlético Ottawa and Ottawa Tourism celebrate Soccer Culture with 2024 Alternate Jersey

Atlético Ottawa has today revealed its Alternate Jersey for the 2024 Canadian Premier League (CPL) season, The ‘Soccer Culture’ Kit. This bold and colourful jersey will be used as a symbol to celebrate community leaders and organizations that continue to mould Ottawa’s soccer culture.

Ottawa’s soccer culture is vibrant and ever-growing. The design of the jersey draws upon the Ottawa Tourism radiant O family, which is the symbol of Ottawa Tourism representing the diversity of Ottawa’s identity, from its people to the experiences on offer. Each colour has its own meaning such as Outdoor Blue, Celebration Pink, Honour Coral, Progress Green, Discovery Orange and more. Atlético and Ottawa Tourism will work together to celebrate our community members shaping soccer culture locally and globally. The Soccer Culture Kit symbolizes our commitment to diversity, welcoming spirit, and the enduring legacy of the beautiful game.

“I think we can all be very proud of this jersey,” Michael Crockatt, President & CEO, Ottawa Tourism. “Grassroots sports activity is where we see the community really come together and we start to see the next generation of heroes being developed. We are so proud of the athletes who go out and represent Ottawa in the world, but seeing where they start, and their development in the community is so special. An engaged community member is so special and so valuable to our community. They represent the spirit, culture and community of Ottawa and are someone we can be so proud of.”


“We’re not just showcasing a jersey, but a symbol of unity and diversity within Ottawa’s vibrant soccer community,” said Fernando López, CEO, Atlético Ottawa. “In collaboration with Ottawa Tourism, we proudly celebrate the variety of cultures and experiences that shape this city’s identity. An identiy that Atlético is extremely proud to be a growing part of.”

The Soccer Culture Kit – Atlético Ottawa’s 2024 Alternate Jersey

Atlético began the initiative by recognizing three groups, Ottawa Tourism for their collaboration and continued support of the Beautiful Game, the club’s official supporters groups for their unwavering devotion to Atlético in the stadium and throughout the community, as well as Active Newcomer Youth Ottawa (ANYO) for their tremendous work breaking down barriers to participating in soccer for new Canadians.

The Ottawa community can nominate people or organizations who are or have contributed to the growth of the Beautiful Game in the nation’s capital by emailing:

The Soccer Culture Kit sports CPL sponsor Maple Lodge Farms on the front (who are part of an incredible initiative with the 2024 primary jersey) and is designed by Macron Sports. This unique jersey can be purchased right now at Atletico Ottawa’s Online Shop: Look for it soon at Lansdowne Sports store and Dislavo Sports.