Club Overview


Ottawa Ontario has always been a city of duality.

Many Canadians are familiar with the Capital’s deeply significant historical roots. But those outside the region may not be aware of a growing, modern community on the front edge of innovation thanks to higher learning, and a booming tech sector.

It’s an aesthetically beautiful city that’s also hardworking; providing the back-drop for the combative world of Federal Politics, and it’s been a commercial hub dating back to the trading post times, when the Algonquins named it “Odawa” for “trade”.

Despite being only the 4th largest urban centre in Canada, Ottawa’s role as our National Capital, makes it the heart of our nation, connecting every community coast to coast; something the CPL aspires to achieve through the beautiful game.

And of course, people in the region speak dual languages.

Atlético de Madrid also has a dual personality, with a glorious, traditional past, juxtaposed with it’s ambitious and progressive global aspirations.

The club’s on-field identity is all about courage, never giving up, and playing fiercely committed football for one-another, while off the field hard work, humility and a family focus are values that has inspired a devoted fanbase.

Founded in 1903, the adoption of dual colours inspired the nickname Los Rojiblancos with its iconic vertical red and white stripes.  It’s a club that has always promoted and fostered local players, but also unearthed some world class talent from abroad.

Now, classical and ambitious Atlético join historic and progressive Ottawa in the Canadian Premier League.

A club from Madrid, the Spanish Capital, one which relishes the responsibility of developing and promoting youth; and Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital, in a league that was built to create opportunities for young Canadian players.

It’s harmony in duality with the goal of creating unity among the local soccer community.

This is Atlético Ottawa.