7️⃣ Memorable Moments from the first-half of the season

There’s only 7 regular season home games remaining, so let’s take a look at some of the best moments from the first half! Don’t miss another moment and sign up for our Half Season Memberships before it’s too late! CLICK HERE for more information.

Season Launch Party

The atmosphere at the Annual Season Seat Member Launch Party was electric, buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Guests enjoyed exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities with our esteemed players and indulged in a wide array of merchandise options, all while being treated to insightful remarks from our CEO, Captains and Head Coach. With complimentary food and beverages throughout the evening, it truly was an unforgettable VIP experience for our dedicated Season Seat Members. This is one of the many exclusive perks of becoming a season seat member with Atlético Ottawa.

Thrilling Moments On The Pitch

What a season it’s been! With a record of 7-4-1—7 wins, 4 draws, and only 1 loss—we’ve made every match count. Some key moments have been, a triumphant 3-0 victory over Forge at home, a first in our history. Then came the unforgettable last-minute equalizer against Halifax, followed by a thrilling 4-3 win over Forge in our second home clash against them, reaffirming our dominance on the field. These moments define champions! The atmosphere is electric and only getting better—join us and experience every moment of the action!

Attendance Growth

Our attendance is booming! In the last five games alone, we’ve seen a remarkable average of over 5,500 fans, and the numbers just keep climbing. This surge reflects a broader trend: Canadian soccer culture is flourishing. With greater community and cultural engagement, our matches have become more than just games—they’re vibrant gatherings that bring people together. The passion for soccer in Canada is growing stronger every day, and we’re thrilled to be at the heart of this exciting movement. Join us and be part of this incredible journey!

7-0 vs Valour

On May 1st we had a phenomenal 7-0 win against Valour in Round 1 of the Telus Canadian Championship. This impressive win was just the beginning. Our season seat membership includes the Can Champ Round 1 game, ensuring our dedicated fans don’t miss a moment of the action. With the momentum building, next year could be our year to take the cup. Join us for an unforgettable season and be part of the excitement!

Vanessa Gilles at our game

Adding to the excitement, Vanessa Gilles, one of Canada’s top women’s soccer players, was at our game. Her presence underscores the importance of women in soccer and promotes a positive soccer culture. Having influential figures like Gilles attend our matches highlights the growing recognition and support for women’s contributions to the sport. It inspires young athletes and fans alike, fostering a more inclusive and supportive community. This engagement helps to build a stronger, more vibrant soccer culture that celebrates diversity and encourages everyone to participate.

Maple Lodge Farms first delivery

We’re also proud to share that through our community jersey initiative, we’ve donated thousands of meals to Caldwell Family Centre. For every jersey purchased, we feed six families of five. To honor this initiative, we hosted an exclusive jersey launch party for our season seat members, which featured exclusive merchandise discounts. This initiative not only supports our community but also strengthens the bond between our fans and the team, making every game and every jersey a step towards a better future.

Minor soccer at our matches

Our Powered By program has significantly contributed to the growth of soccer culture by providing countless opportunities for young athletes to immerse themselves in the excitement of game day. Through this initiative, we have fostered a sense of community and passion for the sport, encouraging kids to actively participate and develop their skills. The program has partnered with various clubs, creating a dynamic network that supports and nurtures young talent. We’ve had 8 clubs who have come to our games so far and many more to come. This collaborative effort not only enhances the game day experience for participants but also cultivates a lasting love for soccer among the next generation. As a season seat member you and your kids have exclusive access to this program, this is the most exciting way for your kids to experience the match.