Flex options


Our Flex Pass options include three, six or ten ticket vouchers that you can use anytime, in any fashion you prefer.

Each voucher can be redeemed for a ticket to any 2024 match. All vouchers must be used in 2024.

Contact an Account Representative

Phone: 613-232-6767 x 8385


The season is scheduled to start on Saturday, April 13 with the final match in November.

It’s so simple… to get in on the action and secure a 2024 Flex Pass Membership, just email us or call us. Info below…

Call: 613-232-6767 x 8385

Flex Pass include 3, 6 or 10 ticket vouchers that can be used any way that you like.

Choose which games you want to come to and how many vouchers you want to use at that game.

Call your account representative at 613-232-6767 x8385  to redeem your vouchers.

All 2024 tickets will be mobile tickets delivered via your Ticketmaster account. You will be able to add your tickets to your apple wallet or equivalent.

If you are having trouble with anything, please contact the club at

Or call 613-232-6767 x 8385