ATLETI EQUAL ACCESS! Initiative to Promote Inclusivity in Soccer, Yedoma Inc. becomes first program partner

As Soccerlude 2024 continues to celebrate the Beautiful Game and Ottawa’s winter, Atlético has taken another step towards fostering inclusivity in soccer through the ‘Atleti Equal Access’ initiative. Yedoma Inc. has been announced as the initiative’s first program partner, aiming to give 400 local residents access to Atlético matches in 2024.

Atleti Equal Access is set to break down barriers and promote accessibility to soccer in Ottawa, especially within underrepresented groups in the capital region. Atlético Ottawa aims to provide affordable access to soccer culture, professional matches, and supporting programs that enhance enjoyment and participation in the Canadian capital.

Kicking off formally in 2024, Atlético has joined forces with St. Anthony’s Soccer Club, a key player in the Powered By Atlético system. Together, they are launching a winter curriculum of soccer training, free of charge, for children from the Odawa Native Friendship Centre. This initiative reflects a commitment to overcoming challenges faced by youth in underrepresented communities.

Building on the success of a program initiated in 2023, Atlético Ottawa proudly announces Yedoma Inc. as the inaugural program partner for Atleti Equal Access. Yedoma Inc. is set to play a crucial role through a ticketing initiative that will grant access to professional soccer matches in Ottawa for 400 participants from four local community centers. This initiative will also include a food and beverage component, enhancing the overall matchday experience.

“As a Season Seat Member for Atlético Ottawa, I am thrilled to create a meaningful partnership that goes beyond the excitement I get watching Atletico on the pitch,” said Andrew Henderson, Owner of Yedoma Inc. “This initiative, providing equal access to all communities in the Ottawa region, aligns with Yedoma’s core values. Supporting this initiative is not just about enjoying the game—it’s about enriching our community by breaking down barriers and creating lasting memories for more people. Yedoma is proud to contribute to a cause that brings the beautiful game closer to communities in need, ensuring that the magic of Atletico reaches a wider audience in Ottawa.”

Thomas Stockting, Community Development Manager at Atlético Ottawa, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative during Soccerlude 2024, stating, “We are thrilled to share the launch of Atleti Equal Access with the local community, and we are delighted to announce Yedoma Inc. as the initiative’s first program partner. The Beautiful Game is about accessibility, and soccer’s global popularity is rooted in its low barrier of entry. Atlético Ottawa is committed to nurturing this tradition, aligning with the core values of Atlético de Madrid. Through strategic partnerships and impactful programs, Atleti Equal Access will make a lasting difference, creating equal opportunities for local communities to access professional soccer affordably, nurturing the growth of supporters’ culture, and reducing barriers to participation at all levels.”

Atleti Equal Access is a community-focused initiative that relies on support from partners like Yedoma Inc. and collaboration with local organizations to reach communities in need. For those interested in supporting the initiative or suggesting programs, please contact

Together, let’s champion equal access and inclusion in soccer throughout the capital region. As an individual supporter, you can play your part by joining the Atleti Family today – and you can do it at the best possible price thanks to Soccerlude 2024, with 10% of selected sections. Click here to find out more information.