Club Philosophy


Never Stop Believing – Courage and Heart – We Fight Like Brothers

Ottawa is the city that unifies our country. And now Atlético has arrived in the capital with an aim of inspiring and mobilizing the local soccer community.

As a new member of the “red and white family,” Atlético Ottawa inherits a 100 plus years club philosophy with enormous emphasis on hard-work, courage and a “never-give-up” attitude.  The club believes that these values will be very identifiable with the hard-working people of the city.

The region has had a history of attempting to grow the game at a professional level, and Atlético wants to seize this momentum.

Ottawa Gatineau has also become one of the most exciting areas in the country for cultivating young talent; a residual benefit of immigration in conjunction with the well-established youth soccer infrastructure built on a sincere passion for the game.

There has always been love and support for soccer in the Capital.  The arrival of Atlético Ottawa signals a new era, a fresh start with immediate, built-in expertise from a club that doesn’t just hope for success, but rather, expects it.

We never stopped believing that the Canadian Premier League would come to Canada’s Capital.  Now the hard work begins.


A globally recognized club is adopting one of our cities in order to extend its ambition and philosophy, thus bringing 100 plus years of know-how to the domestic soccer landscape.

In the last 10 years, Atlético de Madrid has won 3 Europa League Crowns, 3 UEFA Super Cups, A La Liga title in 2013-14, a domestic cup title in 2013, Spanish Super Cup in 2014 with two runners up UEFA Champions League Medals in 2014 and 2016.  All told, 9 titles this past decade alone.

But beyond results, the Spanish giants have a “way” that has evolved over the years, combining the fluidity associated with La Liga, with a committed and fearless pragmatism that Europe’s biggest clubs have struggled to break down.  This courageous personality is what Atlético wants supporters to experience at TD Place.

Apart from the footballing style and aesthetics, Atlético Madrid is also serious about the substance of development and recruitment.  Young players are patiently nurtured and then given opportunities, whether in Spain, or abroad. The club also has an impressive track record of discovering and integrating world class talent from elsewhere in Europe and overseas.  The ability to identify and then model an “Atleti” type player, is what supporters in Ottawa should be most excited about over the coming years. (Especially given the region’s well- documented riches of young emerging Canadian talent)