A Soccerlude Story: If you’ve never been to a match

As part of Soccerlude – we aim to celebrate all things that make the beautiful game… well, beautiful.

Our fans and supporters make TD Place like no other sporting event in town.  It really is something to hear Section W or ‘The Dub’ in full voice leading the crowd with chants and song. Of course, these chants are led by the Capital City Supporters Group and Bytown Boys. PS: both groups are very welcoming to new members. So click the links if you’d like to learn more. Also, Season Seat Memberships are currently on sale but only during Soccerlude, so CLICK HERE for more.

We asked some of our supporters to explain what makes coming to a match so memorable and what you should expect if you’re on the fence about coming, or have never been.

Here’s what they said…