$5 Day Returns THIS Sunday Oct 3 at TD Place!

Back at it again with the $5 vibes! Say it with us once more… $5! $5! $5! $5! Proud to bring you another Atleti $5 effort, to say thanks for supporting us so far.  So, what’s available for $5 THIS Sunday. Good question friends. Here’s the list:

$5 Kids Ticket* – Yes, indeed there is a kids ticket for $5. (14 years old or younger) This is awesome news for a youngster who wants to see some live professional soccer in person. Click on the link below and look in Section N for the specially-priced tickets.

NEW–> $5 Mini Poutine* – Since poutine is a food group all on its own, we thought it would be the perfect addition to our $5 theme. Give me all the gravy and curds. In my head, for some reason, I am focused on eating two of these at the same time. Just me?

$5 Jr Stadium Hot Dog* – Don’t be misled by the “Junior” in the name, these dogs are a decent size. We don’t always suggest going the classic route for condiments – ketchup and mustard – but feel free to dress it how you like!

$5 Beer – 355ml cans of Budweiser* – This Bud’s for you, and you, and you. $5 is a pretty solid price for the king of beers. Yes we had the larger cans on offer last time, but it’s a supply and demand issue now, folks.  There is a limited quantity of these cans. Oh, and the lawyer asked us to add this … ‘This special beverage price on beer is only for those 19+ who show valid ID. Please be responsible’

NEW –> $5 Mystery Merch Bag* – So we put our merch guy Fab to work on this one. We asked him to pack a bunch of bags with cool Atleti stuff. Some even have signed merch and signed jerseys.  And… No, you cannot look into a bag before buying it. Take a chance for $5! These won’t last long!

Just thought we’d stress that all products are in limited quantities and last until they are gone. We look forward to seeing you THIS Sunday!