Last Chance to join the 2023 Atleti Family! Discover all the perks of being a dedicated supporter…

Atlético Ottawa season tickets have been a hot product so far in 2023, with the dedicated core fan base growing over 30% since last year. We are offering a Last Chance at Season Seats with a tonne of perks and value, let’s dive into what you get as part of the Atleti Family.

As an Atlético Ottawa Season Seat Member (SSM) you are guaranteed the lowest ticket prices, with up to 30% savings on single-match prices. Being an SSM you will receive an exclusive member gift, a gift card and discounts on merchandise, priority access to playoff matches and much more (click the image below).

Being a supporter of Atlético isn’t just about watching top-quality professional soccer being played in your backyard, it’s also about what you give back by supporting the sport in the nation’s capital.

Powered By Atlético Ottawa

Atlético Ottawa’s mission is to inspire and unite our community through the beautiful game. By joining the Atleti Family you are contributing towards the various aspects of our ‘Powered By Atlético Ottawa’ program.

This includes the 13 youth soccer clubs that are affiliated with the club, located in the Ottawa and Gatineau region as well as beyond, up to Padawawa and down to Cornwall. The program contributes towards the development of grassroots soccer, providing tools and resources to improve training and coaching, with specific needs for individual clubs with an overall goal to facilitate a pathway for youth players to be identified by Atlético de Madrid, Atlético Ottawa and throughout the Canadian Premier League.

Powered By Atlético Ottawa isn’t limited to what happens on the field and around the playing element of the sport, with support given to our official supporter’s groups as we aim to work hand in hand with these key community stakeholders and create a unique Canadian soccer culture that is reflected in the community all week long and heard – loudly – throughout the stadiums on game day.

Local Businesses

With an aim to bring people together throughout the community, it’s of utmost importance to support local businesses and being part of the Atleti Family you can help us do just that. From Sean Frost Real Estate to Torta Boyz restaurant, Atlético Ottawa aims to support and partner with local businesses throughout the city and nothing makes for a better partnership than working hand in hand with a fan of the sport, and the club.

As an SSM you not only play a crucial role in supporting important local relationships that aim to help Ottawa-run and owned businesses thrive, but you also receive a discount at selected partners stores.

Local Organizations

Through our equal access initiative, Atlético Ottawa works tirelessly within the community, providing unique experiences and breaking down barriers to ensure inclusivity and diversity are paramount throughout all the work that we do. Whether its facilitating access to games, bringing the team into various communities or ensuring kids that love the game aren’t impeded from playing, your support makes sure all these things happen.

We are currently working with Kids Up Front Ottawa to provide access to over 1400 people to attend Atlético Ottawa matches in 2023, free of charge, whilst also working directly with organizations such as Caldwell Family Centre, Debra Dynes Family House and Twice Upon a Time. Our 2023 Home Opener was dedicated to the CHEO Foundation and our recently released third jersey this season was created in partnership with Shelter Movers Ottawa and dedicated to survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) as we raised funds and awareness to tackle what was recently labelled as an epidemic in the nation’s capital.

Local Artists

In a world of digital photos and online tickets, you can now get your hands on something tangible when you come to Atlético Ottawa games. A limited number of match day programs, an institutional element of the game day experience across the pond, are available as you come in through the gates. What makes this little booklet jam-packed with tonnes of information about the game ahead so special is the front cover. We have partnered with local graphic novel artists THEAKARTS to create unique designs for each match day, and with so many talented creatives living in Ottawa, each new member of the Atleti Family opens up another door for us to explore.

Future Canadian Superstars

Finally, and arguably most important of all, there are only three years left until Canada co-hosts a FIFA World Cup. Three years.

By becoming a member of the Atleti Family here in Ottawa, you are directly contributing towards the sustainability of a pathway for young Canadian athletes to represent their country on the world’s biggest sporting stage. With players in the current Men’s National Team squad having come through the Canadian Premier League, join us today and help us towards the goal of getting a player from Ottawa in the Canada team in 2026.

When you become a season seat member you’re not just buying a ticket, you’re buying into a community and a lifestyle. Secure your place at the fastest-growing sporting experience in the capital region BY CLICKING HERE.