Atlético Ottawa heads to Canadian Blood Services: First Time Blood Donors

Atlético Ottawa front office staff gave back to the community last week as, alongside ‘Save a Life’ Home Opener sponsor Sean Frost Real Estate, we donated blood as a team for the first time.

In fact, six staff members donated blood for the very first time. This follows a recent ‘Lunch and Learn’ put on by Canadian Blood Services’ Ottawa Community Development Manager, Bikram Singh Basra where Atlético staff were inspired to sign up to the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry.

The experience at the Carling Donor Centre was fast, efficient and very friendly as the staff took our team through the registration process and beyond. There was some friendly competition as to who had the quickest “bleed time,” and plenty of snacks to get your energy levels up at the end as we walked out knowing that 18 people would benefit from our donations.

Here are some of the key statistics and why it’s so important to give blood if you can:

  • Less than 4% of eligible donors sustain Canada’s blood system
  • Every 60 seconds, someone in Canada needs blood
  • 50% of all Canadians will need blood or know someone who will
  • 100,000 new donors are needed each year to help meet the needs of patients across the country
  • You can make all the difference!

Our work with Canadian Blood Services doesn’t stop there though, as Atlético’s front office heads to the Carling Donor Clinic this week. You can join Atlético Ottawa’s ‘Partner’s For Life’ team in the Canadian Blood Services App today, click here for more information or scan the QR code below.

Join Atlético Ottawa’s ‘Partners for Life’ Team today, scan the QR code above and help us Save a Life.

Atlético Ottawa begins the 2024 Canadian Premier League season at home to York United on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Get your tickets here to witness the start of an electric season of professional soccer in Ottawa, and support Canadian Blood Services with us.