Atleti In The Community: Nate & Kwesi at the Major E.J.G Holland VC Armoury

Atletico Ottawa Goalkeeper, Nathan Ingham and Assistant Coach, Kwesi Loney, stopped by the Major E.J.G Holland VC Armoury on Walkley Road, recently to connect with the Youth Cadet Program about the importance of Physical and Mental Health Wellness. A very timely visit as the cadets prepare for their upcoming fitness tests.
Nate and Kwesi shared their own personal experiences about how they cope with their own stressors on a daily basis, whether it be in a professional or personal setting. Like preparing for a match, overcoming a tough training session along with creating life balance and goal setting.

Both Nate and Kwesi shared the importance of building a strong support system with friends and family as well as making sure the body is being fuelled properly through nutrition, exercise and sufficient sleep. Routines and habits can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you to the cadets and everyone involved at the Armoury for helping make this happen. Atleti in the Community is our ongoing efforts to make sure we support local community initiatives. #ForOttawa #PourOttawa And check out the photos from the event below…