$5 Night is THIS Saturday, Sept. 25

Wowzers. Is this real life? Say it with us… $5! $5! $5! $5! Proud to bring you this brand new Atleti effort, to say thanks for supporting us so far. Here’s what we did… We picked some of our most popular items and priced them at $5.

$5 Kids Ticket* – Yes, indeed there is a kids ticket for $5. (14 years old or younger) This is awesome news for a youngster who wants to see some live professional soccer in person. Click on the link below and look in Section N for the specially-priced tickets.

$5 Jr Stadium Hot Dog* – Don’t be misled by the “Junior” in the name, these dogs are a decent size. We always suggest going the classic route for condiments – ketchup and mustard – but feel free to dress it how you like!
$5 Beer – 473ml cans of Budweiser* – This Bud’s for you, and you, and you. $5 is a great price for the king of beers. There is a limited quantity of these cans. Oh, and the lawyer asked me to add this … ‘This special beverage price on beer is only for those 19+ who show valid ID. Please be responsible’
$5 2020 Official Polo* – This is nuts. Can’t believe our merch guy Fab had agreed to this. These won’t last long! 
Just thought we’d stress that all products are in limited quantities and last until they are gone. We look forward to seeing you THIS Saturday!