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The 2022 CPL season is planned to kick off in April and finish in October.

There 14 CPL and 1 Canadian Championship included in your 2022 Season Seat Membership for a total of 15 home matches.

Tickets are all digital and will be available on your Evenue account.

No! We managed to keep per match prices the exact same in 2022, the number of matches in your package has grown from 11 to 15. That is why you are seeing an increase in the package price.

We do not have an exact jersey/scarf delivery date yet. Due to global supply chain issues the timeline for the jerseys to arrive is currently sometime in May. We plan for them to be available at the first few matches of the 2022 Season for pickup.

Auto-Renewal is a hassle-free way of securing you Season Seat Memberships year over year. Towards the end of the season, we will send out an email informing you of 2023 Season Seat Memberships. You will have until a certain date to opt-out of your Season Seat Membership. If you want to continue as a member, you do not have to do anything, and you will automatically be renewed for the upcoming season.

Yes! Your deposit will be available on your account, and you can call us to make use of your $50 deposit.

We have included the jersey, scarf, and season seat membership card to make up for the exclusion of OneSoccer. OneSoccer memberships will not be included in Season Seat Memberships moving forward for any teams in the Canadian Premier League.

We are working with OneSoccer to offer a discount code to get your own OneSoccer membership at a preferred price.

We all have busy schedules and if you can’t make it to a game or two – call us minimum 2 days before a match and we can change that ticket into a credit for a future match. We want you to get full value out of your membership with no tickets wasted! The only thing you need to make sure is that your credit is used by the end of the year, it will not roll over into the following season.

Call 613-232-6767 x 8382 to connect to an Atletico Ottawa representative right away!